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N5000 Tsunami

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First thing first, Lawal Gafar is my name, I don’t like to blow my own trumpet but with current statistic available online, I can beat my chest that I am one of the most successful internet marketer in Nigeria.

I made most of my earnings online by teaching people how I made money online.

On this page I will show you the simple way to get loads of multiple N5000 payment drop into your bank account on daily basis.

Basically making money online is not as hard as you were made to believe because it involves only 3 steps and once you can perfectly using these 3 steps, making money online will like a child-play for you.

And without any fluff here are the 3 steps involved:

Step 1: Identify high converting offer.

Step 2: look for qualified people who will be glad to pay you for that offer.

Step 3: present them the offer and smile to bank always.

All you need to do whenever you need to make urgent cash online is to rinse and repeat that steps.

Now let’s go into detail of each of the steps starting with the first step on how to identify high converting offer.

High converting offer are offer or any program that has been proven to generate cash every time for the marketers. With this type of offer you will not need to do much work to get it acceptable in the market.

You can find this type of offer on clickbank, jvzoo, moreniche and many other online marketplaces.

Yes you can find high converting on many marketplaces online but in this report I will talk about the best program that has been tested by many Nigerians in Nigeria.

With this program it’s not compulsory to sell any product before you can start making money because you will get paid for signups.

This program pays its member up to 100% commission on their effort.

The program is named IdealWealthGroup and you can visit www.idealwealthgroup.com to see how this program can flood your bank account with multiple payment of N5000 per month.

The first thing you want to do right now is to join the program and get your unique affiliate link.

Once you have done that the next step is to get qualified people to aware of the offer you are promoting.

How do you do that? Well gone are the days we are finding it difficult to get people aware of any program you are promoting online. With the advent of social media and other newspaper online portal, getting people aware of your offer has never been this easy.

With over 10 million Nigerians on facebook you can start getting sales the same day you start your promotion.

And as a member of IdealWealthGroup you will be given all necessary information needed to run a successful promotion on facebook, twitter, watsapp, sms, email and all other online newspaper.

So after getting qualified lead from your promotion on facebook the next step is to present them your offer and smile all the way to your bank.

Let say you can only manage to get 100 leads from your facebook promotion on daily basis and you are able to convert only 10% of them to signup with you, that will mean a 10 times multiple of N5000 payment into your bank account.

And you don’t need to take my word for this, you can see the image below to see how payment of N5000 are flooding into my bank account from this program on daily basis.

Final Notes:


You now have a system in your hands to make tsunami of N5000 payment drop in your bank account on daily basis.

But you also have to put it into practice for it to work.

So, let’s quickly review your action plan:

Step 1: Visit www.idealwealthgroup.com to register and get your unique affiliate URL.

Step 2: Share your unique affiliate link with your friends on facebook using the resource available in the member area of the website.

Step 3: Continue sharing the link and start get payment as high as N5000 for everyone that signup through your affiliate link without selling anything.