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$65/Day Biz Model

An Online Business Model That is Guaranteed to Make You a Millionaire Within 365 Days

Please take this information seriously.

It’s very important that you take the information I will be revealing to you in this book with seriousness and you will need to take action on it. I want to see you succeed but I cannot do it all for you. You are the one responsible for your success. I will give you all the necessary tools and knowledge but it’s up to you to put them into action.

Please do not waste your time and mine by not taking this seriously. You should set aside enough time to study the ebook and other material that I will be sending to you.

One of the biggest reasons most people fail to make money online is because they don’t take their internet business seriously. I don’t want you to see it as if you are just trying to make some extra income but see it as a real business. I want you to see it as if you have invested $100,000 into this venture and I am very sure you will run it differently.

Is it even possible for you to make money online? The answer is a yes! But there is a big but attached to it. The very big but is that you must follow the steps, call it formula, that I will be sharing with you in this ebook. Now don’t get scared! I will show you both the stress free and fraud free way of making money online, it’s not that hard as you think but you must be serious and be ready to take action.

This book “365 Days Internet Millionaire” contains some information that is guaranteed to make you a millionaire within 365 if well implemented.

I’m not just talking about enough money to provide you with a few extra bucks to spend each month either; I’m talking about establishing a highly profitable business that if you are dedicated enough, could easily provide a sufficient income to enable you to leave your 8 to 5 job and pursue your online career full time. Even if you already have an online business, I will still provide some pointers that could double or even triple your revenue in no time at all.

I will not like to bore you with too much introduction, you already know me and if not I will tell you more about myself later.

This book is not about me and should not be. You are here today because you want to discover an Internet Business Model that can make you a millionaire within a year. The business model that we will be talking about is called affiliate marketing but hold on, it may not be what you think because it’s going to be a different approach entirely.

I have read many and latest affiliate marketing books in the past and none of them has discussed this approach. Yes it’s not new but its special, I discovered it about 2 months ago and it has already made me about $4000 and from my research I am confident that it will make anyone who find time to implement it at least $3250 monthly.

Now Get You Yourself Relaxed As We Are Going into Detail of  How to Make at Least $3250 per Month as an Affiliate With This Special Approach.

In this business system I am going to show you the hidden wealth in the hosting business that many people are yet to discover. We will take affiliate marketing approach, just follow me.

Everyday thousands of people come online to search for ways to make money online while some others just want to set-up their own website. Each of this people would need a website. So the need of a hosting service to set-up a website would never be filled and this is where you come in.

Before I show you how to make money from this business model, let me show you some data I gathered from the Google Keyword Tool.


Those are EXACT matches of people who search monthly on how to start a business or how to make money online and if you do the maths you will see that the results are over 400,000 exact searches EVERY single month. Which means if we add other keywords, phrases we have a large market of over 1 million people.

Now what about those who are looking for hosting related services?


That is close to 500,000 EXACT searches for people asking for web-hosting services!!!

So you see my friend, the hosting market is large for every-one of us to dive into and as you are going to learn how with very little effort making $4,000 to $10,000 a month from this service is 100% possible and doable. Now let me show you how to make money with this business model.

How to Make Money from Selling Hosting Services as an Affiliate

There are several ways to go about it but I will only explain two of them here. The first one is to start a hosting review website. It works VERY well. I am going to explain the method to make money with this method even faster.

In simple terms, this is what you will do:

Step One: You would create a simple website or blog where you would help people set-up a website for them FREE only if they pay for the hosting service through your link. (You can set up sites within few minutes with the help of wordpress blog)

Step Two: You will send visitors to your website

Step Three: You will pick a good host that would pay you from $40 to $100 per sign-up

Step Four: After they have ordered for the hosting package, you will set-up the website for them.

What I’m sharing with you here is so powerful I could easily have put it together for $197 or more and sell it but I decided to give it away for free here, I hope you like and value it.

So here is what you are going to do. You are going to set-up a website. This time you are not reviewing any hosting service, but rather you would promise to help people set-up their website for them at no cost. All they have to do, is to pay for the hosting service through your link. Hosting is a must for anyone that wants to own a website and there are no two ways about it. Hosting is to a website what land is to building. But in this case they will have to register for hosting through your link at no extra cost to them.


Since the hosting fee is usually cheap, you would have droves of people ordering through your link, once they do and send you a mail about it. You would help them set-up a website as promised.

For me what I do is to help them {those who buy through my link} set-up their blog or website, then add unique template, a few plugins and a simple header and that’s all. Do this alone {that is promising to help people set-up their blog at no extra cost} I have taken conversions to as high as 20%.

Just so you know, setting up the above is not tasking at-all. You can even get someone at the side who can handle all the above for you in form of freelance service or use the wordpress theme software.

You can negotiate a deal with anyone who knows how to set up blogs and pay when the order is delivered. You can tell them for every 10 blogs they set-up you will pay them N20,000. I had someone who was doing it for me at N1000 per blog. All I do when I get the order mails is to forward the details to him, he finishes the job and email it back to me and I send it to the clients. Simple and straight.

Where Does The Money Come From?

For those of you who might be wondering how this is actually going to make you $4,000, this is the section you would want to pay attention to. The first thing is to choose a good hosting service. As for me I use and advice you to do the same too blue-host.

This is what their home page looks like:


As you can see, they charge just $4.95. So your visitors would only be paying $4.95 and that is a good deal for them right? Especially since you are also going to set-up their website for them FREE. But that is not a good deal for you. So how much are you going to make as an affiliate?

So I clicked on the affiliates tab and this is what I see:


There you can see it. Boldly written is red. As an affiliate you get $65 per referral!!!

So even if the customer pays blue-host $4.95 you would receive $65. Send 50 people a month which is super easy to do and you are bringing in $3,250. And guess what?

The more people you send the higher your commissions will be. The next thing therefore will be “how to get people who need this service?” And I would answer that right away.

Finding Your Customers

Once again there are tons of ways you can do this, but I will stick to just two methods.

The first method is to join internet marketing forums like the warrior forum. You sign-up to become a member if you are not one already. When you do, make at least one post or respond to a comment per day. When you have a couple of posts or responses to your credit simply create a link in your signature that says something like:

“Click Here To Get A FREE Website”

When people click the link, it would take them to your web page explaining everything they would get for free and then you place your blue-host affiliate link so they can register for hosting through it. Part of this method is that you can run a Free Warrior Special Offer teaching people how to make money from blogging, teach them how to set a profitable and give them your bluehost referral link for them to get webhosting. Let say you only manage to send 1000 people to your referral link monthly and if only 8% of them get the hosting account. That is $5200 (N858,000) in 30 days.


What if by the second month, you decide to increase your effort and get 2000 people visiting your referring link and at 8% conversion you make $10,400 (N1,716,000) in 30 days.

While you are still banging your head, let me show you another SECRET way that I leverage and I have plans in place to take my web-hosting business model to $20,000 a month in the year 2014. It’s simply by marketing offline. While there are thousands of people who are searching for web-hosting services online, there are even more people offline in the country.

With this method you can decide to advertise in a local newspaper (vanguard, punch, the sun, guardian, business magazines etc) and see profits soar through the roof. Offer free website for organization like schools, churches, mosques, ngos, etc. As I am typing this manual my mind is imagine the kind of millions I can make by adding additional services to this program.

With just about N50,000, you can get your advert to appear in some of newspaper in Nigeria with a hundreds of thousands circulation. I wont tell you how effective this model can be, but you can just give it a test and see the result yourself.

How Do You Start Immediately? Read This Section With Care!

I don’t think you should be asking that question, lol. I have already stated what you should do, so commence immediately if you like this model!!! However, as a reader of this report who is interested in this model I have something even special for you. That is if you are very busy and cannot do everything here on your own.

  1. I am going to help you set-up a website for you where you would be talking about your free blog installation or website design service
  2. I would design it, with a unique header and write your sales copy for you. Something basic but unique to only you.
  3. I would give you a list of resources that can you at least 1000 people visiting your bluehost referral link every months.

I would do this for you ONLY if you pay for your hosting within the next 24hrs. Get your hosting through my blue-host link http://www.bluehost.com/track/idealy  You will also be paying the sum of N10,000 meant for hiring a graphic designer to design your unique site banner and hiring a copywriter to work on your sales page. After you have ordered for your hosting, send me an email at lawalgafar@gmail.com or send a text message to me at 08151803759 and I would respond to you with the next thing you should do. However, I always recommend you do things like this on your own because it affords you the opportunity to learn lots of new things first hand.

Remember this is only if you sign-up within the next 24hrs!

This is a very powerful business model! Do this properly and you will never earn below $3200 (over N500,000) every month in affiliate commissions from Blue Host.

You see how it works? I hope you enjoyed reading this first business model like I enjoyed typing it. So my hands are aching, I’m going to take a break now.